Gustavo Petro, the presidential candidate, provoked a heated debate via social media between General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, the head of the Army as well as the person who is running for the country's first post under the Historic Pact. declared that a number of (generally) officers were "on the Clan’s payroll."

"While soldiers are being murdered by Gulf Clan, some generals are employed by Clan. The leadership is corrupted because the leaders of drug trafficking industry are the.that eventually ascend to the generals"" Gustavo Petro said via social media.

gustavo petro was able to respond to this message and in six rounds, asked questions about the presidential candidate.

"There is nobody who is more grieved by the death of a soldier than those who wear camouflage, and of course their families, and the nation itself. However, their ultimate sacrifice for the country should not be used in political campaign narratives," General Zapateiro said.

Francia Marquez has been denied two properties in Cali.

Another message was sent by the officer in charge who spoke about the recent deaths of soldiers. "Since 2021 more than 500 soldiers have been injured and killed in the course of completing the mission. The sacrifice of these soldiers was invisible, there were no declarations. It is interesting that the loss of heroes of the fatherland is now causing affliction and is being used for other indications.

Gustavo Petro was asked by the commander of the army to provide information to Gustavo Petro about any possible links between generals, as well as other groups that are not law enforcement. He should also make an official complaint to authorities.

"Senator. You should not make use of your oath ("parliamentary inviolability") to try and politicize the death our soldiers. Instead, fulfill of submitting a factual complain to the


He then offered a third warning: "I recall that as senators, you are part in the collective that you dare identify as 'drug-trafficking politicians'. As citizens, it's crucial that you don't just generalize. Respect first of all"

One of the most controversial statements from the high-ranking official is that they claimed that Colombians have witnessed the current presidential candidate getting cash "in the garbage bag".

" petro gustavo have never witnessed a general receiving ill-gotten cash on the television." petro gustavo said that Colombians were witness to him taking money from a garbage bag.

The official concluded by declaring that he would seek respect for the oldest institution of the nation. Its members, both men and women, have unreservedly for the protection of democracy across the country for over 200 years, and even sacrificed their lives for it.